Stresau Laboratory: Where energetic performance is defined.

What do an automotive airbag and an artillery shell have in common? The answer lies at Stresau Laboratory where energetic performance is defined. There is, in these devices and others like them, no margin for failure. Each must function when the proper stimulus is applied, never when it should not. Stresau Laboratory has satisfied that need since 1961 and continues this technology in new arenas today.

Richard Stresau's research on explosive propagation phenomena allowed the US to develop and field ordnance faster than the competition. And the competition in 1944 was deadly. In 1961 he opened his own laboratory in the north woods of Wisconsin. The US ordnance industry beat a path to it with two questions: Does this energetic device work? How many destructive tests will prove it? Stresau Laboratory provided -- and still provides -- the answers. It refined the technology and expanded the scope until nearly every fuze explosive train in the US Army arsenal had passed through Stresau test and evaluation.

Stresau Laboratory's experience reflects both its longevity (adapting the NATO 120mm round to US production in the '70s) and its continued relevance (sole source for US Army Medium Caliber components) in both development and production of explosive components. Stresau Laboratory's evaluation expertise has been used in many programs and other products. The lists on pages four and five name some of the military programs, which represent every service, and a variety of industries. These range from medium caliber to missiles and include propulsion and warhead energetics; military and civilian contracts.

While Stresau's experience is vast, it remains a small business noted for accessibility and responsiveness to customers. Stresau Laboratory, Inc., is a HUBZone Certified Business, which can be an asset for Government customers in meeting requirements of FAR 19.13.

Likewise, while its focus remains energetics it applies this expertise across a breadth of activity for military and commercial customers, production and development contracts. Stresau is organized to respond to this diversity with three operating areas:

  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Hazardous Material Testing

The distinct capabilities of these areas are highlighted in the following pages. It affords a perspective on the range of capabilities Stresau offers and examples of the programs to which they have been applied. Each of these areas is staffed with its own experts. However, it is important to note that Stresau encourages cross utilization of expertise and resources. This keeps prices down and maximizes the resources, which Stresau can bring to bear on specific challenges.