Stresau manufactures energetic components for the world’s most demanding customers in quantities from dozens to millions. Some of these items, such as the M442 Fuze components and Patriot Explosive Train Assembly, were items in which Stresau participated in development and continues to produce. Other components, such as medium caliber detonators and leads, Stresau supplies because customers have come to rely on this best value vendor’s low cost, high quality, dependable schedules and customer service. That customer service might be best described by a phrase we hear from our customers. “These guys return my phone calls.”

Medium Caliber Lead and Detonator: High Quantity
Stresau manufactures both the stab detonator and lead, which in various configurations initiate the warhead in several of the medium caliber rounds used by the U.S. Army. More than 7 million of these rounds have supplied such critical systems as the Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Apache helicopters and the A-10 Warthog. Stresau has delivered consistent quality on schedule and at the least cost procurement to its customer. Stresau proposed an innovative test and lot acceptance procedure that, approved by both the prime contractor and the US Army, further refined quality, reduced the price and offered the customer a more flexible delivery schedule.

M6 Special Electric Blasting Cap: High Quantity
Customer: U.S. Army
Stresau’s M6 Special Electric Blasting Cap (NSN: 1375-013-16-1229) provides the Army and Marine Corps new quality and performance in a blasting cap that has, over its years of service, been specified for many applications. Stresau’s assembly meets new performance requirements for both the Blasting Cap itself and the protective packaging that enhances safety in static and RF saturated environments.

M7 Non-Electric Blasting Cap: High Quantity
Customer: U.S. Navy
In addition to its field use the M7 Blasting Cap, like the M6, is used to initiate Composition C-4 in test applications and in qualifying Composition C-4 production lots. Stresau does not manufacture the safety fuze, such as M700 Safety Fuze, that is used to ignite the blasting cap. Military Blasting Caps, which also include the M4 Blasting Cap, are distinguished by an output capable of initiating Composition C-4.

M442 Fuze Energetics: Medium Quantity
The Expulsion Charge and Two Second Delay operate the final stage in the U.S. Army’s M-257 Standoff Illuminating Flare. Stresau has manufactured both units in this complex system.

Micro-Miniature Electric Detonators
Stresau is improving its capability for the scalable production of micro-miniature electric detonators such as the M100 or the PA537. A unique automatic welding machine, with digitized vision, can “see” the ultra-fine bridgewire and weld it to exacting tolerances. Stresau’s ability to run short and medium run production runs, and its willingness to custom load variations of existing designs, lets the customer fine-tune performance at prices comparable to the standard item in large volume. This keeps customer’s costs down during development, full production and every phase in between.

Patriot Explosive Train Assembly: Low Quantity
Customer: Various Prime Contractors
POC: As Requested
Patriot Missile may be the U.S. weapon system with the most widely known name thanks to its high profile performance in the Gulf War. Originally an anti-aircraft weapon its anti-missile configuration was developed just in time for its use in the Gulf war. The inventory was very low when Gulf hostilities began and Stresau’s ETA were among the components on the critical path of production. Stresau met the delivery demands with 100% performance then, and since.

Automotive Airbag Initiator: Various Quantities
Customer: Various Commercial
POC: As requested
Stresau has adapted the demanding performance of military munitions to the equally exacting requirements of automotive airbags. Quantities have ranged from developmental to the hundreds of thousands.

Electric Detonators: Various Quantities, Critical Applications
Customer: Various Prime Contractors
POC: As Requested
Stab detonators were first in the Stresau capabilities but as sources for electric detonators dwindled that capability has been added and perfected. Today Stresau is the supplier of choice for Mk71 and T20E1 detonators for such programs as Harpoon, Hawk, Brimstone and commercial applications. Stresau builds custom M100 detonators with characteristics such as function time, durability and output tuned to the customers specific requirements. Automated Bridgewire Welding equipment expanded this capability in 2001.